Dr. Lisa graduated UCLA with a BA in Psychology where she helped with reasearch on anxiety and panic attacks and how to effectively treat these issues. She pursued graduate work at the California School of Professional Psychology where she graduated with a Doctorate in Psychology in 2005.  Dr. Lisa sought internships and job opportunities where she would gain experience working with the eating disordered population, such as college campuses and at an inpatient psychiatric facility. During her schooling, she worked part time as a Domestic Violence counselor at a DV shelter.

Dr. Lisa obtained a position working as a therapist on the Eating Disorder Unit at BHC Alhambra Hospital in 2004 and was asked to take the Program Director position in July of 2008 as BHC Alhambra Hospital transitioned into Reasons Eating Disorders Center at BHC Alhambra Hospital. She has been a well known clinician in the field since that time and is still moving forward in her career.  She started her private practice in 2005 and has an office in Pasadena, CA. 

Dr. Lisa’s ongoing commitment to the treatment of eating disorders has led her to obtain certification in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), to become involved with the International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals (iadep), and  Dr. Lisa was awarded the Certified Eating Disorder Specialist (CEDS) in July of 2010 based on her experience in the field and the recommendation of her peers to iaedp national foundation.  She is also currently a member of the Los Angeles County Psychological Association

Dr Lisa's commitment to helping people overcome ED has led her to frequently reach out to academic communities as well as mental health colleagues through educational talks about the causes and underlying issues of people who struggle with eating disorders as well as the appropriate and effective types of treatment for these clients. 

Dr. Lisa’s treatment philosophy has evolved over time based on personal experiences and a desire to motivate clients and facilitate change in those who seek out help for their recovery. Dr. Lisa has an Adlerian orientation to psychotherapy and has a certification in DBT as a group skills leader.  She understands the necessity of collaborating with clients on treatment goals and uses an eclectic approach with the belief that clients must be treated from every angle, including; family therapy and education; behavioral therapy to contain behaviors as well as to ingrain new, healthier behaviors into habit. Dr. Lisa also incorporates music, art, metaphors, yoga, and drama as means to help clients better understand why their issues developed and how they are maintained.  She feels that clients need to be offered a wide variety of treatment options in order to maximize the benefits of any treatment.


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